Sunday, February 1, 2009

Public Enemy No. Three

His sartorial ineptitude reportedly caused the heart attack death of Mister Blackwell last October. Has worn the same cheap necktie on Fox News Sunday for 236 consecutive weekends, but sometimes alternates it with one from Wal-Mart. His stinginess in dressing himself suggests Freudian notions of anal retentivism. He makes outrageous statements about future events that never come to pass. And his sappy, contemptable sneer at anything liberal sets him off for special merit in our rogues' gallery. Crooks and Liars calls him "Bill the Bloody." That's good enough for me. His type was the inspiration for the slogan, "By Jingo!", not an oath to some Oriental deity but an exclamation of war mongering at its worst.

As DistributorCapNY puts it: "When Kristol talks it reminds me of the singing anus from Pink Flamingos."

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