Saturday, January 31, 2009

Public Enemy No. One

Opiate-addicted loud mouth pontificating daily to the lowest common denominator: bigoted, racist, homophobic, war mongering, laissez-faire capitalist, trickledowners, and fat headed fat cats like the Ditto Dude himself, a man who doesn't give a shit that millions of Americans are out of work so long as he pulls in his $4 million a year soap box salary. The Number One candidate for an electronic cream pie in the face. Can't we find a way to embarrass this horse's ass within the bounds of what is legal?

Example of his Mr. Hypocrisy status thanks for MediaMatters:

Nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh, blaming America's "obesity crisis" on "the left," "liberal government," and "food stamps": "Because we are sympathetic, we are compassionate people, we have responded by letting our government literally feed these people to the point of obesity. At least here in America, didn't teach them how to fish, we gave them the fish. Didn't teach them how to butcher a -- slaughter a cow to get the butter, we gave them the butter. The real bloat here, as we know, is in -- is in government."

The real bloat, Mr. Limbaugh, is in that bonbon stuffed stomach of yours. No wonder you couldn't make it on TV. You look absurd. Click the hyperlink, folks, to see more of Media Matters' monitoring of this dork's radio comments.

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